Newslink is the MSA members’ publication sent every month to every member. It is unique, carrying, as it does, not just national but also international information and with editors based in the regions and nations of Great Britain local news and views from across the country.


About the MSA GB

The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain (MSA GB) is one of the longest established national bodies for driver trainers in the world, having started back in 1935 just before the introduction of the driving test, it is the senior association for driver trainers in Britain. The association provides members with information both electronically and in print. Representation, both for individuals who have difficulties with other bodies and members collectively when we are consulted by bodies like the DVSA. MSA GB offer a range of services which are included in the membership fee and further services at discounted prices or with special benefits to members. The support provided for driver trainers is well documented and includes advice about all aspects of the profession of driver training and a shoulder to lean on when things get tough for individual members.

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